I started Transform Forever back in 2012  nearly 2 years ago due to the growing demand of frustrated women who want to lose that stubborn body fat mainly around their tummy, thighs and hips. Over this time, I have learnt that the main reason why the majority of women out there stop doing exercise or following a diet is due to boredom and frustrating of it NOT working.

I am a personal trainer in Wimbledon and I have managed to work with many women in Wimbledon and who have successfully either wanted to lose that stubborn body fat or drop a dress size usually within the first 4 weeks of seeing me due to how I train people and the accountability that I give them on a regular basis which makes sure that they are accountable to their goals and if they do fail, then this is their fault alone.

This is just one of my many clients Jacqui who lost nearly a stone and went from running 5km to 10km in only 6 weeks!

I also have experience in losing a lot of weight as well so I can empathize with most of you when it comes to the physical and mental challenges that you are currently facing when trying to lose weight.

This is me from 3 years ago and a recent photo taken of me. In this picture, I lost 5 stone over a 2 year period.

Before And After of Me


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