Here Are My Client’s Success Stories Below

Annie Drake Transformation Picture


Matt has been my personal trainer since the beginning of December and I honestly cannot thank him enough for the help he has given me towards turning my life around. I get so much out of 1 hour sessions with Matt making sure we work out every body part and making me sweat! In just 6 months and nearly 3 stone down I have gained so much confidence and happiness through two 1 hour sessions a week – I now don’t think I could ever stop. Thank you Matt!!! 

Annie Drake


Ian Parkinson Before and During Picture


Matthew has been working with me for the past 8 weeks and I have lost almost 2 stone in weight, have gained muscle mass and noticed the difference. Keep up the good work.

Ian Parkinson


I have been blown away by the results that I have achieved with Matthew in just over a month and I have gone down from a size 14 jean size to a size 12 which is amazing! I would definitely recommend Matthew to any female wanting to lose weight.

Sally Comiskey


I have been training with Matthew from 3 months now and I am thrilled to say that I have lost 3 stone in 3 months of which I am over the moon with the results. I also just ran my first 5K run and I ran this in 39 minutes which I never though was possible a few months ago. I can’t thank Matthew enough for changing my life.

Laura Pearce











I am amazed by the transformation that I have achieved whilst working with Matthew. I have been working with Matthew for just over a month and I have lost 1 and a half stone since then which I am ecstatic about. I would definitely recommend Matthew to anyone who wants to transform their body!

Stephanie Poole










I have been working with Matthew for 5 months now and I have lost 4 stone over that time. I have completely changed my lifestyle and my mindset towards exercise in which I have had all the help in the world from Matthew so I could achieve what I have achieved. I couldn’t have done this without Matthew’s help and I owe him big time, thanks for changing my life.

Lauren Bruce











I recently had a baby over a year ago now and I wanted to lose the baby weight which is where I contacted Matthew to help me achieve this. I have lost a dress size top and bottom and I feel great. I can’t wait to keep progressing with Matthew and see where I end up!

Laura Holman











I am absolutely amazed of the help and support that I got from Matthew not only by doing the sessions but also mentally. My mindset has completed changed since I started working with Matthew and I can’t thank him enough.











As you can see by the pictures, my body shape already has completely changed and that is all thanks to the sessions and the weights used with Matthew and the mindset tasks that he has set me. I know I still have a long way to go but I am confident that I will get there with Matthew’s continued help.

Lisa Jones


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