20 Minute Fat Burning Workouts from Home

Now you are probably thinking that doing a workout for 20 minutes 3-4 times a week won’t get you great results within a few weeks or a few months but you couldn’t be more wrong. It has been proven and my own clients have testified that doing only 20-minute workouts are BETTER than going on a treadmill for 60 minutes in an intimidating gym environment with everyone looking at you because of many reasons that I am going to explain further now.

Time Advantages

One of the obvious advantages to 20 minute workouts is the amount of time that takes to do the workout because most people these days do not have the time to go to the gym and do a 60 minute workout and the fact that people don’t like to be exercising for more than 30 minutes is a great testament to my point about 20 minute workouts being a lot better than the usual gym workout. Also, people will be discouraged by having to go on a treadmill for hours on end and getting nowhere which is what most people unfortunately do and the fact that this can have an impact on the different joints on the body i.e. the hips and knees.

HIIT Training

HIIT training or High Intensity Interval Training is a type of training that involves a slow to fast movement for example if you are on a treadmill, to start with I would recommend that you would do a 5mph walk followed immediately by 30 seconds at 10-12 mph at all out 100% effort and then repeat this 5-10 times. The thing about this is that most people like I said before don’t have the time to go to a gym on a treadmill so I bet you are wondering is there another way I can do this or how can I incorporate this at home, I am going to tell you now.

Well you can do this by doing mainly bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges and press-ups of which you can do 20 repetitions of each exercise for example back to back with no rest and you would have 45-60 seconds rest if you have just started and decreased the rest time to 30-45 seconds when your fitness levels have increased and repeat this around 3-6 times and do this 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes and you will see dramatic changes in your body in 60 days guaranteed!

Afterburn Effect and Increased Self Esteem

When you do this type of training, your body goes through something called the afterburn effect whereby the body still burns calories for up to 24 hours after you have done a 20-minute workout. This is why it’s important to have at least 2 rest days every week as this allows the body to recover and adapt to the new pressures that you are putting on it and it is on the recovery days that the body changes and burns fat due to the afterburn effect of this type of training.

Doing these kind of workouts at home will really increase your levels of self-esteem because you are not surrounded by people constantly looking at you seeing what you are doing and potentially judging you which has a knock on effect on your self-esteem and your confidence which in turn will make you feel a hell of a lot better about yourself.


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