The Importance of Meal Preparation for Weight Loss

Meal preparation is one of the most important factors alongside others to losing weight and keeping it off for good. People who usually have busy lifestyles such as Mums and Office Workers are usually at work all day or rushing around after the kids which makes preparing their meals very hard to do. If for example an Office Worker who usually does not have time to have their Lunch at work will opt for the unhealthy snacks and treats left around the Office and will often give into temptation and eat the unhealthy food. Another example of this is when a Mum is out with her kids and see does not have time to prepare a meal beforehand, she will most likely take herself and her kids to a fast food restaurant or to a supermarket to buy a sandwich which will overtime lead to health problems and obesity to not only her but to her kids as well.

The cost of healthier food is a massive problem these days when you think that for example 4 chicken breasts are usually around £4-5 per packet compared to a £2.99 meal deal that consists of a burger, chips and a soft drink, people are more than likely to get the meal deal than the chicken breasts. My point is that this is fundamentally wrong for the consumer and for the government to allow this to keep happening.

There are many ways that you can overcome this but the best way in my opinion is to plan out your day and think about what meals you are going to have when you’re at work or out and about. For example you have Lunch when you are away from home then what I suggest you do is to prepare your Lunch with some Protein i.e. chicken, turkey or fish with some healthy fats i.e. avocados, cashews nuts or any raw nuts and some vegetables and fruit so that you have NO excuse to then reach for the unhealthy food and snacks.

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