Fat Loss Gender Gap

Girls vs Boys, the age old conundrum about which sex is better. My reasoning behind this is to do with the different hormones that Men and Women have which are Oestrogen for Women and Testosterone for Men and how this effects fat loss in both sexes.


Women tend to worry about their weight more than Men because of the pressures of society and peers for them to look the best they can be and the fact that they don’t like to think that they look ugly. My point is that women will tend to eat less than what the daily recommended calorie intake is which is 2000 calories for a woman, but by reading through magazines and listening to the media about these different diets that are out there these days, most women see this as a way out of eating healthily and will eat way below this calorific intake by around 1000 calories a day which is good for weight loss in the short term, but in the long term this can have an adverse effect on them keeping it off in which most women will overeat and put the weight back on and then some which can obviously cause fat storage which can be hard to get rid of. Also, Women tend to store more fat around the hip, thigh and abdominal area as this is good for when having a baby and keeping it warm which is another reason why their body fat percentage will naturally be higher than a Man’s.


Men are very different to women in the approach of losing fat because there is not the same pressure on Men to lose weight as there are on Women so Men tend to go for the Macho look and by that I mean big and muscular physique which funnily enough is actually good for long term sustainable fat loss because muscle burns fat at rest so that is what I meant by Men not having the same pressures as a women does because of her hormones which I am going to come onto now. Men don’t really store body fat in a specific area but overweight men will usually store it in the abdominal area or the gut area.


Men and Women have very different hormones which causes probably the most problems for Women then it does for Men because of how they work. The way that Women can lose fat and get lean is to do more weight bearing exercises of which at first for most if not all women can be a scary thought but this can help Women lose more body fat then doing normal conventional cardiovascular exercises as this burns more fat at rest therefore a quicker fat loss occurs in both Men and Women.

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