Yes you did hear me right, muscle burns fat. I will explain below a few simple on how the body does this.

Building muscle increases metabolism and your body burns more calories at rest when maintaining muscle more than when maintaining fat. Also, muscle burns fat for energy. The great thing about building lean muscle mass is that the body is naturally made up of muscle and NOT fat so the more muscle you have, the better the results will be.

It is also very important to remember that keeping your diet in check as well will dramatically increase your chances of gaining more lean muscle mass which consists of a high protein diet to get the best results consisting of foods such as chicken, turkey, almonds, kale and greek yoghurt are just some examples of protein that aid muscle growth.

This does not only apply to men, it also applies to women as well because even though men have a different hormonal structure to women (testosterone for men and oestrogen for women) both these hormonal systems work in similar ways except that in a woman, the muscle and bone density is not as big as a man’s so therefore a woman will NOT bulk up the same as a man would do.

I want to bring up another point about this and it’s to do with the amount of training needed in order to build the muscle that burns the fat in the first place. You don’t need to be going down the gym every single day in order to promote muscle growth, all it takes is about 2-3 intense 40-50 minutes of resistance and weights training week to build and maintain a solid amount of muscle mass in order to burn fat.

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