Measuring Weight Loss Properly

Many people get upset or disappointed when they only lose a 1lb of fat and that can have a very negative EFFECT on how they perceive what weight they have lost.

The problem is that most people have unrealistic expectations about how much weight they can or can’t lose which makes it almost pointless in losing weight and it means that people won’t bother exercising or eating healthily because of what they see on the scales.

Most scales these days DON’T measure the amount of fat and muscle mass someone has and they usually only measure weight in stones which is not accurate.

I would advise you to take measurements every week and I would measure your chest, waist, thighs and hip areas and then carry this on every week until you reach your goal.

Another thing you can do as well is buying some tanita scales off of Amazon which I think are £50 but are DEFINITELY worth buying for the longer term.

I hope that this helps you


Watch this 4 minute video below where I explain this in more detail

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