Lifting Weights Myth For Women

For many years now, there has been this myth surrounding women using weights to make them bulky and to be quite honest, it really gets on my nerves when my female clients say to me that they have NEVER done weights before. Typically, women will tend to stick with using either a treadmill, cross trainer or any other piece of cardiovascular equipment thinking that this will get them to lose weight and tone up of which it will make you lose weight but will NOT tone you up.

I am using this blog post to dispel this myth about women not using weights. For example, as you can see from the picture above, the woman is doing press ups using the weights as a stabiliser which is great for working the chest, core and your arms. You can also see that she is NOT bulky at all, in fact she is very slim with curves and muscular tone which is what most women that I see and in general want to have.

I think the problem is that women are influenced by magazines, newspaper articles and social media and see women who either have NO muscle tone or they do not reveal how they got that physique. Also, because most of these women’s magazines have been airbrushed to make out they look like that when in fact they probably look a stone heavier when the actual picture was taken says a lot about the ethics or these magazines portraying a perfect image of a woman who is stick thin and this is where I think most of these problems start, not by people themselves but by the media.

I believe that the key to stop believing this is to actually DO IT and see the results for yourself. If you can do 2-3 weight sessions a week targeting specifically your hips, tummy, arms and your core and I GUARANTEE you that you will have a more toned, sculpted and firmer body. The exercises are pretty easy to do, I have a Youtube Channel called Transform Forever which has some exercises that will seriously help you tone up those problem areas.

This is not a hard thing to do ladies, of course you are going to have negative thoughts and beliefs around this but trust me, if you do this, you will reap the rewards!

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