Low Calorie Diets and Why They Are Bad

On a daily basis, I speak to many women who have been on a low calorie diet which usually will consist of shakes, pills or a powdered substance to make them lose weight. There are MANY classic examples of diets that are out there for example the most popular diets are Weight Watchers and Cambridge Diet.

Now I am NOT going to talk about all of these diets as this post would be 5 pages long but I am specifically going to be talking about 2 diets in particular which are Weight Watchers and Cambridge Diet.

I am going to start with Weight Watchers and the thing with this diet is the fact that it is based on a Pro Points system whereby people have a set amount of points that they have for every day of the week and they have to follow this to the LETTER and this means that someone can pretty much eat what they want within reason and still hit their points target. Now obviously the big problem with this is that there is no guidelines on the type of foods someone should eat i.e. Meat, Fruit and Vegetables and how many macro nutrients someone needs in order to achieve their targets or goals which is vital for weight loss but with Weight Watchers they base EVERYTHING on points so for example if someone has 20 points to have in a day and they eat a chocolate bar for example which would be 5 points then someone still has 15 points left which is stupid because it is telling somebody that they can pretty much have ANY food that fits into the Pro points system.

The next diet that I am going to talk about is the Cambridge Diet of which is one of the worst and most STUPID diets out there because you have to drink shakes for your meals and you have to consume NO carbohydrates during the period when you are on this diet. The reason why I say this is one of the worst out there is because consuming no carbohydrates fr a period of time can actually cause major side effects with the body such as mood swings, tiredness and EVEN hair loss in some cases and this is because of the lack of this nutrient entering the body which is responsible for energy and feeding our vital organs.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT saying people can not do what they want but I would seriously think about this before you jump into one of these diets because they will effect your metabolism because you are not getting the right nutrients in your diet and taking in a small amount of calories which will in turn make it HARDER to lose fat. Another thing is that you will lose weight fast initially in the short term but longer term you are 80% more likely to put the weight back on again and more because the body has been starved of these vital nutrients Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat and will in turn fight against you.

I hope this has been helpful to anybody who has been thinking about using one of these diets and made you think twice before using a diet to lose weight and of course the most simple way to lose weight is to move more and eat more nutrient dense foods such as Meat, Fruit and Vegetables


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