The main problem with Sugar is that it is everywhere these days and is in pretty much every food that you can think of, it is even in foods that you never expect Sugar to be in such as Pasta and Bread and the reason why this is put in these foods is to add some consistency to the flour when you make these foods.

We do need some Sugar in our diet for insulin response from the pancreas amongst other reasons but people abuse Sugar why too much and this leads to the obesity and health epidemics that we are currently experiencing at the moment where at the moment around 60-70% of adults and 30-40% of children are classed as either overweight, obese or in some cases clinical and morbidly obese which is only going to get worse unless something is done about it.

Advertising is another massive problem especially when there are products such as cereal, chocolate and biscuits of which all contain a lot of sugar per serving that are aimed at children and the message that these companies convey to children is appalling and encouraging them to buy these products of which this will lead children to think that it is good to have these products and it is healthy to eat them on a regular basis and will over time lead to an increased risk of getting diabetes and becoming overweight and obese.

There is also another form of sugar which are Sweeteners and these are mainly used to sweeten our teas, coffees and other confectionary items. Sweeteners are shown to increase the risk of depression in people that have them regularly and are usually compressed into a small, tiny white capsule which can be put into anything to make it taste sweeter.

My main point of writing this blog is because I want people to understand the dangers of sugar and the risks that come with regular consumption of this substance and the consequences that this will bring for people’s long term health.