Get Fit by Working Out 15 Minutes a Day?

I have been running experiments over the past 2 years with my one to one and group training clients trying to figure out how to optimize the workouts that I do with them in a way that torches as many calories and burns as much as fat as possible in 15 minutes or less as what most people would burn off in a typical one hour workout at the gym. But only recently have I managed to figure this out and I must say that this will be an ABSOLUTE game changer for you and the results that you will get.

My name is Matthew Oakley and I am a specialist Body Transformation Expert for women. I have been a personal trainer now for nearly 3 and a half years and in that time, I have trained men and women but I found that I was getting FAR better results with women then I was with men so my main niche is busy women who are 30-60 who want to lose that unwanted belly fat and from their hips and bum area.

Did you know that most people tend to crouch over when they are doing a squat, meaning that they are more at risk for getting bad knee and joint problems along with bad posture. You should focus on working with hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps (thigh muscle) and the calves when doing a squat, if you are NOT feeling all of those muscles working at the same time, then you are probably doing it wrong. Check out this video to get how to do a squat properly if you feel you are not doing it properly.

One of the main objections that I had when putting this together was that women were struggling to find the motivation when trying to do any workout routine that lasted more than 40 minute hence which was why I created the 15 minute Body Blast program because they are short, sharp, intense workouts that will get you GREAT results in little to no time at all if done correctly.

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Check out the video below for more information

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